Why we don't offer Wordpress hosting

At PBN.Hosting we've made a conscious decision to not offer Wordpress for your PBNs. Naturally as the CMS of choice this has caused some consternation among SEOs, so allow us to explain our reasoning.


Wordpress is a great CMS. It's come a long way from being a pure blogging platform, it is flexible, user friendly and now powers roughly 25% of the web.  But it is designed to be actively managed and maintained.


Wordpress can also be a nightmare. As the biggest CMS on the web it is the biggest target for hackers. Its biggest asset - its flexibility through free extensions and plugins - is also one of its biggest weaknesses, with major vulnerabilities going unpatched, at times for years.


Do you really want to devote hundreds of hours a year to maintaining sites that aren't your primary project?


If you are operating at any kind of scale, you do not have the resources to keep hundreds of wordpress blogs maintained, up to date and ensure your links are live. More importantly still to ensure your legitimate client links are not mixed in with some hackers' pharma links, nor linked to domains associated with 419 scams, phishing and credit card fraud.


Not to mention the fact that Wordpress is resource hungry - putting it on an overloaded shared host means your pbn may not even be up when Googlebot comes to call


So what's the alternative?


At PBN.Hosting we're providing fast, secure, static HTML sites. They are lean, fast, and impossible to hack.


This doesn't mean you need to spend hours polishing your HTML and CSS skills! Our platform acts as a simple CMS much like Wordpress, allowing you to post, schedule, edit and update articles on your blogs.


But unlike Wordpress we have designed our backend to make it simple to make changes across tens or even hundreds of sites at once - no more juggling logins.


But what about all my themes and plugins?


We've included all the standard features you'd need on your WP PBN sites. From RSS imports and sticky, full page posts through to 404 redirects and robots blocking, the vast majority of tools you might use on your PBN sites are already here. Have we missed anything? Just let us know.


We've over 100 themes and we're adding more every month. We also take steps to randomize the structure of every blog added to our sites - from unique permalinks, file extensions and author names.


What features does your CMS offer?


  • Customisable themes
  • Advanced robots blocking
  • Custom redirects by page or pattern
  • Automatic 404 redirects
  • Static, single page homepages



I already have Wordpress PBN sites, can I move them to you?

Yes, we've built a simple importer - just use WP's built in export function, upload the file to us and we'll move across all your posts, pages, images and links. All permalinks will be maintained - just be aware your theme won't be converted.


Have a ton of sites to move? If it's over 50 send us an email and we'll give you a hand, free of charge.