Adding a contact form to your PBNs

As the sites we serve are static HTML it is not possible to host a contact form with us. However there are many free alternatives you can use to allow visitors to contact you. You simply need to give them your email and tell them what fields you want on your form, and they will provide an embeddable form you can copy into your site.


Simply visit one of these services and create your form:

  1. Zoho
  2. 123Contactform
  3. Sumome
  4. Jotform
  5. Typeform
  6. Foxyform
  7. Better Contact Form
  8. or many more!


Once you have the embed code for your form, create a new article for your site. Set it to be a 'page', give it the title 'Contact Us' and paste in the code you received from one of the above services.


Hit save and you will now have a functional 'Contact us' page on your site. But why stop there? You could create custom forms for prospective advertisers, guest posters etc and make your site look more complete.