Subscription and Cancellation Policies

An active subscription is required to use our hosting services. All customers receive a 7 day free trial which can be extended on request. However after this trial period all fees must be paid in advance.

If you wish to cancel your account you must do so before your renewal is due. Cancellations must be made via our interface which will ensure your cancellation is handled in a timely fashion. A cancellation request via email may not arrive in time for your request to be processed.

Refunds are available to all customers in their first month's subscription for up to 30 days after initial registration, inclusive of any trial period. After this period once a payment is made it cannot be refunded except where there are clear extenuating circumstances.

Any upgrades to your subscription will be applied immediately, with the additional fees being billed on a pro-rata basis. Eg If you apply an upgrade amounting to an additional $30 per month half way through your billing period a charge of $15 will be applied immediately, while subsequent months will recur at $30/month in addition to your previous monthly rate.

Any downgrades to your account will occur at the end of your current billing period. For instance, if you downgrade from $150 to $100 midway through a billing period you will receive no pro rata refund, but the next payment taken at the end of the billing period will be for the lower amount.

We accept card failures happen and will extend a 14 day grace period to allow you to replace expired cards etc in the event of an inability to pay. After this period your subscription will be cancelled and your domains suspended, pending deletion. If you decided to reactivate your account after this period you will not be entitled to a free trial period and you will be charged the for 14 days unpaid hosting you received during the grace period.

SEO impact and revenue disclaimer

We are a hosting service and we strive to offer the best possible conditions for SEOs to use our service. However we make no guarantees of rankings or revenue due to your use of our service. SEO is a highly specialized practice and outcomes vary depending on the skill of the practicioner. A PBN 's performance is also greatly dependent on its inputs such as domains, content and strategy. There are many factors involved in the success of an SEO campaign, and we accept no liability for the use of our service on your websites or those of your clients.