IP Networx Alternative

Why you're better off with PBN.Hosting

Are you looking for an alternative to IP Networx? Whether you're concerned about footprints, pricing or service we're sure you'll be happy you make the switch to our service.

No hosting footprints

Unlike the majority of private blog network hosts out there, we don't crowd your sites on the same shared IPs we give all our other customers. Instead, we use 6 different premium content delivery networks (CDNs) to spread your domains out, in a cloud of hundreds of thousands of IPs.

No matter how natural you make your PBNs look, if they live on a box that hosts hundreds of other SEO's private blog networks you are at risk. All it takes is one careless spammer to share your IP and every customer on that IP is at risk.

You still get fast, reliable and safe Wordpress PBN Hosting - but with the added benefit of dynamic cloud IPs that are impossible to tie together

We're confident you'll love our hosting - why not start a free trial today and see how we compare?

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Fair and affordable pricing

Our hosting starts at just $2.90 per domain compared to $2.75 per domain at IP Networx. But it's at scale where our pricing really shines, at just $1.60 per domain - considerably cheaper than IP Networx at $2.50 each! Across a network of any reasonable scale you could see considerable savings by switching. (Did we mention we can help migrate your sites for free?)

 Unlike many shared IP hosts out there there's no upper limit on the number of sites you can host. The cloud services we use as broad as the internet itself - so with no risk of IP collisions or resource limits you can scale to the moon.


Get SEO Super Powers

Why struggle with the same repetitive tasks? Do you really want to spend your life clicking through IP Networx's interface?

Our automation doesn't just stop at updating wordpress for you and running the occasional backup! When you host at PBN hosting you can finish tasks that could take you days in a matter of minutes!

  • Give us a list of domains and we'll put them live in minutes with just a click - no repetitive form filling!
  • Upload a batch of content and distribute it to your sites automatically to your schedule - no lengthy management
  • Take control of your links - run reports on anchor distributions and site health, or even modify or delete links in bulk

Does IP Networx do this for you?

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