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How to make changes to multiple sites at once

If you've added your sites to our system in bulk you may suddenly find there's something you need to change across multiple domains.

Perhaps you want to set or remove robots blocking for each site? Or enable a 404 redirect? You could want to choose a random theme for each blog again, set all your blogs to display full posts on the homepage, or to add a menu link from every blog to a single site.

To do this is quite simple.

Featuring content on your blog homepage

Do you need to keep an article 'featured' on your homepage?

Perhaps you want to ensure your links are always seen on the front page by Google - or if you are renting links to customers then contextual homepage links may be a major part of your offering.

All you need to do is check this box at the bottom of your article to make it 'sticky', ensuring it is listed above more recent content on category and homepage article lists. 

Using your registrar's own nameservers for increased anonymity

We provide nameservers for every domain on our system for ease of use, however if you plan to build a large network we highly recommend mixing up the nameservers you use.

Although we think the nameservers we offer provide a fair degree of cover, it can't be ignored that the vast majority of domains on the web don't use a public nameserver service at all! In fact, the most common state for any domain is for it to use it's registrar's own nameservers - you can see this at Builtwith.com :

Adding email accounts to your PBN domains

We are unable to offer email services for your PBN domains without creating a footprint. We use a CNAME to mask the IP of your site - each time you request the CNAME you might get a different IP - however it is not possible to mask a mail server;s MX records in the same way.


So if you need email for a specific domain you will need to use your own nameservers. Follow our instructions for setting up your domain with a CNAME and redirect, then read on:


Adding a contact form to your PBNs

As the sites we serve are static HTML it is not possible to host a contact form with us. However there are many free alternatives you can use to allow visitors to contact you. You simply need to give them your email and tell them what fields you want on your form, and they will provide an embeddable form you can copy into your site.


Simply visit one of these services and create your form:

How to add unique boilerplate content to your blogs in bulk

It takes time to make a blog look real. But if you don't have a complete aversion to spun content you can speed things up pretty quickly.

If you search blog about us pages they often take a familiar format, for example:

My passion for travel has lead me to publish my top tips for you. I love my three children and our dog. Want to be featured on the blog? Contact me!

Exporting your domains or posts as a CSV file

Do you want to grab a list of your domains, or of the latest posts in a submission? Perhaps you'd like to tier your links or file reports for clients?

Every table on our site can be downloaded as a CSV file, from article submissions to lists of domains in a particular network.

To customize your download, simply use the filters at the top of the table to grab the items you want, for example:

Making sitewide changes to a Wayback restore or HTML site

It's possible to edit individual pages of a site using our HTML editor, but for some jobs this can be a fairly laborious process.

If you want to delete a banner ad, insert a site wide link, or change a specific phrase that appears on every page of your site, you may want to try our Search and Replace tool.

Note: This tool is powerful, but can also be destructive. There is no undo for this tool - if something breaks you may need to re-download the wayback archive and lose any changes you have made. We are unable to offer support for this feature.