Adding email to your private blog network domains

We are unable to offer email services for your PBN domains without creating a footprint. We use a CNAME to mask the IP of your site - each time you request the CNAME you might get a different IP - however it is not possible to mask a mail server;s MX records in the same way.


So if you need email for a specific domain on your private blog network you will need to use your own nameservers. Follow our instructions for setting up your domain with a CNAME and redirect, then read on:


First of all you need a mail hosting service. Many registrars will offer this as an add on for free or at a low fee, but there are also a number of cheap or free services out there such as Zoho, Pawnmail,  Fastmail, Runbox or even Hotmail or Yahoo where you can use your own domain to receive email.


Register for one of these services, then take the MX records they supply and add them to your DNS settings at your registrar. Once this is done, all that's left is to create a mailbox and give up to 24 hours for the DNS to propagate - you can then send and receive email@yourpbndomain.com !


Bonus Tip: For your higher value domains it can be worth registering a catch-all email address. Sometimes you might get reminders to log in from social sites like Facebook or twitter - use the address they send it to in the 'Forgot Password' form and you might be able to recover a social account with hundreds or thousands of 'Likes' or 'Followers' - a perfect start for an IFTTT network to boost your posts!