Adding sitewide links to your private blog network sites

Want to link to your sites from the sidebar of you blog? It's simple.

  1. Load the domain you wish to add the link to on our site, then click Edit
  2. Under Menus + Blogrolls add your link to the Menu with an anchor text
  3. Click save and you're done!


Some people think sitewide links can cause issues with anchor overoptimisation, so if you wish to flow as much juice as possible to your target site(s) an alternative is to link from an article that is part of the navigation on every page of your private blog network domain. This way you ensure your article is one of the strongest pages on the site, boosting the value of your link without risking a sitewide penalty.

To do so you have two options:


Turn your article into a 'page'
While blog posts are listed in date order on the index page, 'Pages' are static. By default most themes will link to pages on their main navigation. To turn a post into a page, simply edit the article and check this box:


Manually add the post to your navigation

Alternatively you may want to keep your article as a post - for example you may wish to make the post 'sticky' so it is always listed on the homepage, as well as linked to from other articles.

In this case simply copy the url of your article, then link to it from your menu using the 3 steps for a sitewide link above