Creating a static homepage for your private blog network site

If you'd prefer a static front page instead of the generic 'blog' look for your sites, it's quite simple to set a page to become the homepage.

You can then place the blog on an internal page if you like, or alternatively use 'Pages' to create static pages with no date stamp that are added to your menu automatically.

To set an article as the homepage of your site

  1. Edit the article you want as homepage, and change it's permalink to 'index.html'
    This will replace your standard blog homepage with the post. You can stop here and have no blog, but if you want other posts to be found easily you may want to do these steps too:
  2. Edit your domain and click Permalinks and Paths. Change the 'Index Path' to 'blog' (or you could make it news, articles or similar)
  3. Click 'Menus and links" and add a menu item with the title Blog and the url /blog/ (assuming your extension is set to '/' - otherwise it could be /blog.html , /blog.php etc)
  4. Save the domain and your blog posts will be in the /blog/ url with your article as the home page.

Often private blog network links look more natural from a company or service brochure type site than a generic 'blog' theme. It's worth using a mix of different site types and layouts in your link building to keep your links looking legit.