How to add unique boilerplate content to your blogs in bulk

It takes time to make a private blog network site look real. But if you don't have a complete aversion to spun content you can speed things up pretty quickly.

If you search blog about us pages they often take a familiar format, for example:

My passion for travel has lead me to publish my top tips for you. I love my three children and our dog. Want to be featured on the blog? Contact me!

Each of these sentences is pretty much interchangeable. And that's exactly what content spinners like Seo Content Machine (SCM) and Kontent Machine do - mash together multiple articles by mixing sentences from each.

So for this example we're going to create 3 different projects on SCM, for an About Us, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

  1. Create a new content project​
  2. Set the keyword to '{niche} blogger inurl:about' - for example 'travel blogger inurl:about'. This will tell your content scraper to grab pages that have 'about' in the url and discuss being a travel blogger
  3. Set your article length to something reasonably short - say between 150 and 300 words - and make the spinning settings as light or readable as you can
  4. Increase the number of variations to at least the number of blogs you wish to import to, and the number of articles to 1 - ideally we want one superspun article rather than hundreds of little articles
  5. Set the title in the output to be something like

    {About Us|About me|About {this|my|our} blog|About}

  6. Save and process, then repeat for your terms and conditions and privacy page.


You should now have 3 superspun articles for your boilerplate content - now lets import it to your network!


  1. From your networks page click 'Article Submission' for the blogs you want
  2. Upload your 3 articles
  3. Under Scheduling and Posts change 'per submission' to 'per blog' - this way every blog will get each of the 3 articles
  4. Don't bother dripping, just hit submit


Ta-da ! All of the blogs in your network now have an About, Terms and Privacy page. The content isn't award winning but should still be just about readable. And most T&Cs read like they've been spun anyway.