Using RSS to syndicate your PBN posts to IFTTT, Rankwyz, FCS & More

Syndication has always been a powerful technique for SEOs. Whether you're getting immediate deeplinks to each article you post, social signals or simply helping index your posts faster, RSS syndication can amplify your linkbuilding efforts automatically.

Building If This Then That (IFTTT) networks has become a popular tactic in recent years, allowing you to self-publish links to your posts on top social and link sharing websites. It can be a chore to set up - you might want to look to Fiverr or some vendors to speed things up - but once you're up and running it can give everything you do an instant push.

Of course this isn't the only way to syndicate posts. You could, if you wanted, syndicate your PBN posts to a service like Rankwyz or FCS for easy web2.0  to boost and support your article content.

Or if you really want to juice up your private blog network, why not syndicate the posts from your best PBN sites across a second tier of PBN blogs? By connecting your network's feed to our RSS importer you can automatically boost every post to you make to your tier 1 network.

The RSS Feeds we offer

Every blog on our network generates its own RSS feed. Most services auto discover these, but you can also find the feed URL in your blog's markup - simply 'View Source' and search for 'xml' in the HTML code.

But our hosting system also offers flexible RSS feeds internally. At the bottom of each article listing you'll find an RSS link. This means you can:

  • Syndicate all your articles from all your blogs in one massive feed
    Simply click 'Articles' in the main menu, scroll to the bottom of the page, then copy the RSS link
  • Syndicate all articles that are posted in your 'Health' network
    Visit the articles page of the site, and use the 'Network' filter at the top to choose your Health network. Click 'Search' then scroll to the bottom and copy the RSS url
  • Syndicate all articles that contain the keywords 'cheddar cheese'
    Visit the articles page, enter your search keywords and click search - then grab the RSS url from the bottom of the page
  • Syndicate all articles posted from your 'Floor Tiling Tips' article submission
    Click the submissions menu item to find your 'Floor Tiling Tips' upload. Click on it, then at the bottom of the list of imported articles you will find the RSS link. As your scheduled posts are published the RSS feed will update with new posts
  • Syndicate all articles from your bobtheplumber.com domain
    Just visit the main page for your bobtheplumber.com domain. At the bottom of the articles view will be a shiny orange RSS link

But what should I do with all these feeds? Do I need an IFTTT network for each one?
Many people like to build social profiles for each and every one of their PBNs to make them look more natural. If that's you, then why not set up an IFTTT network while you're at it, and automatically share your PBN posts across its own social profiles?

Honestly though, that's not me. Building IFTTT networks can be very time consuming, so with 100s of domains in play I prefer to do something like this:

  1. Create a topical IFTTT network. This could be themed to travel, sports or health, and could be a persona with a name and a face instead of a brand
  2. Use a service like Dlvr.it to mash multiple feeds up into a single feed. We particularly like Dlvr.it for this as it will allow you to filter one feed but not another, so for example I might say:
  3. Grab the latest finance news from economics.alltop.com. Drip just 3-4 articles per day to my Dlvr.it feed
  4. Grab my finance posts feed from PBN.Hosting. Drip every single post as it happens. Repeat each article 1-3 times over the next month
  5. Dlvr.it will then give me a new RSS feed url I can post to IFTTT that will naturally mix in posts from my 100-blog finance network amongst some of the top news and opinion from authoritative finance networks, giving my PBNs cover and lending more topical authority to my social accounts

What else can I do with these feeds?
To be quite honest, the sky's the limit. But here are some of our favourite ideas:

  1. Publish your domains' feeds to services like Feedburner that will ensure search engines quickly index your link and give a little second tier boost from the domain's authority
  2. Add the feeds to any social hub sites you create for your PBNs. For example, sites like flavors.me and about.me allow you to link to your RSS feed alongside your website and social accounts. Do this for each blog you build and you'll be automatically boosting every link you build
  3. Take a topical feed - by network , search term or submission - and auto blog to a range of Web2.0 blogs and social bookmarking sites. Services like FCS and Rankwyz make reposting links from RSS easy, and these additional links and shares can increase the value of your link networks considerably

Feeling hardcore? You could take the web2.0s from step #3 and boost them with a link tiering tool like GSA. Or if you like to live dangerously, you might even feed your blog's rss posts directly into your link building tool for no holds barred spam tiering. We don't really recommend this unless you love deindexing.

Our personal favourite: hit your primary PBN links with a second tier of PBN links.
Many of us take great care and attention to avoid spammy links to our money site, and the process of vetting PBN domains for quality is highly time-consuming. But there is no shortage of lower tier domains we might reject for direct site linking that still have value. Why not build a second tier of a few 100 domains, and feed your Tier 1 network's RSS back into them to repost your PBN links across the T2 network?