Adding Domains In Bulk

We built PBN.Hosting as we were frustrated at how complex other systems made it to create multiple sites in a hurry.

Individually launching domains, configuring databases, removing 'hello world' posts etc all takes time - time that could be better spent building better money sites.

So we launched our bulk creation tool. This can be accessed from your Networks page, allowing you to instantly add the domains you import to a network, saving your more clicks

. [image of list of domain names]

At its simplest, you can simply paste in a list of the domains you wish to create, and hit 'Save'. Give the system a minute or two to do its thing, and you'll be returned a list of your configured domains along with their nameserver settings, for an easy cut and paste into your registrar's control panel:

[image of domain submission table]

As with creating a single domain, all options from themes to author names and permalinks are chosen at random for you. Link crawlers are disabled by default, and you can start adding importing content to your sites immediately while you wait for your DNS to propagate.

There you go: 50 domains built, deployed and ready to post in just 60 seconds.

Doing it better

The above is the simplest method, but most people will want more control. Specifically, most people will want to give their blogs a site name and perhaps a tagline to make them seem more real. This can be done very easily in the domain import tool by entering the information you want to add, seperated by a semicolon:

(domain name);(site title);(site tagline);(theme)

For example, you might enter:

mycellularblog.com;Mobile Phones + More!;All the latest cell phone news and gossip;bootstrap

This would launch the domain 'mycellularblog.com' with the title 'Mobile Phones + More', and a subtitle of 'All the latest cell phone news and gossip' while using the theme 'bootstrap'.

If you only want to set a specific field such as the theme, just leave the space between the other semicolons blank:


This will launch the domain 'barebones.com' with the theme 'lovers' but no title or tagline. You can also mix and match:

Mylazydomain.com;Just a title for me
Tryingharder.com;A title;And a subtitle
besteffort.com;I've a title;A Subtitle;medius

In this example:

  • 'Noeffort.com' has no title or subtitle and a random theme.
  • Mylazydomain.com has a title and a random theme but no subtitle.
  • Tryingharder.com has a title and subtitle, with a theme picked at random
  • Besteffort.com has a title, subtitle and a specific theme

Finally, if you want your blogs to look like you made an effort without really trying, you can use spintax on your title or subtitle, for example if you used this spintax:

Site name: {Tech|Mobile|Cellphone|Gadget} {Hub|Source|Network|Gossip}
Tagline: {Your|The|My} {Best|Latest|Exclusive} {News|Reports|Source} in {Tech|Mobile|Gadgets}

Then your complete domain import might look something like this:

Gizmonet.com;{Tech|Mobile|Cellphone|Gadget} {Hub|Source|Network|Gossip};Your|The|My} {Best|Latest|Exclusive} {News|Reports|Source} in {Tech|Mobile|Gadgets}
Gadgethive.net;{Tech|Mobile|Cellphone|Gadget} {Hub|Source|Network|Gossip};Your|The|My} {Best|Latest|Exclusive} {News|Reports|Source} in {Tech|Mobile|Gadgets}


Which in turn could produce these blogs:

Gizmonet.com : Tech Source - The Exclusive News in Gadgets

Gadgethive.net: Cellphone Hub - Your Source in Tech