Importing content to your networks or domains

We've created a system that is both easy to use and powerful for distributing content to your sites in bulk. 

At its simplest, all you need do is select the network or domains you wish to post to, upload your articles and optionally set a schedule to post to your blogs. 

First, choose a name for your submission

This is an essential step for your own organisation. For example, you may call it 'Diet product reviews'. This way you can easily look up which blogs your articles were posted to and export live link lists for your clients or for use in other tools.

Choosing which site(s) to post to

When creating an article submission you can opt to either post to specific domain(s) or networks, in any combination.

You may just choose your newblog.com domain and import ten articles to one site. Or you may wish to upload a batch of finance articles to your finance network. Simple.

But you can also combine networks and domains. For example, you could choose your broad Finance network and your specific Insurance network, and the submission will be spread across sites from both networks.

Or, you might choose to post to your Credit Cards network but also to your hightrustflow.com and highda.com domains to gain some authority links as well as relevant links.

Sensible defaults
If you are on your networks page and choose 'Bulk Upload Articles' the network will be selected for you automatically. Likewise if you are viewing a single domain and click 'Bulk Upload Articles' the domain will be prefilled for you.

Content Distribution & Scheduling Options

We've tried to make our distribution options both easy to use and flexible.  

Not only can you choose to drip your articles out at your own pace, with submissions scheduled for publishing each day/week/month, but you can also choose to post each article multiple times if you wish.

Most users will want to use the default options: Post each article once, per submission.

But if you have super-spun content you may want to publish an article more than once, as it may be unique enough to repeat across 10+ websites. To do so, simply change 'How many times to post each article'

If your content is extremely well spun - or your standards are low - you may also wish to reuse the same article once, twice or more across every single blog. For example, if we had a spun 'Terms & Conditions' or 'Privacy Policy' page we could choose to post once for every blog rather than once per submission.

Dripping Content

By setting your content to drip rather than being published at once you can create a more natural link velocity to your target site. You also avoid any potential footprints from having all your articles published at once across your network.

We allow you to specify how many articles to post per hour, day, week or month, giving you granular control over how fast your content is published and how aggressively you link to your sites.

In order to make your import look natural we automatically vary the time your content is published. For example, if you set your submission to post once per day and import at 12pm, your posts might be published at 1.07pm, 10.23am or 12.38pm over the next few days