Restore Sites from the Wayback Machine (Archive.org)

A great way to keep your networks looking natural and to reclaim the value of any deep links is to restore the content and url structure of a site exactly as it used to be. 

We've embedded a wayback import tool into our hosting service to make recreating old sites easy as can be. 

Simply visit our Wayback domain import page, enter a list of your domain names into the text box and hit Submit. You can enter as many domains as you like, provided your subscription allows hosting that many. We will queue them all up for download - it's a one step process!

Our servers will begin restoring the content from the archive to their former glory and adding them to your domain - a process that should take no more than 5 minutes.

If you haven't already added the domains to your account we will configure them for you. By the time you've configured your domains DNS settings your Wayback site should already be live.

Picking the right dates

By default we will download the most recent recording of your domain from the archive. Frequently this might be a domain parking page or 'This site is closing' page, so if you'd prefer we downloaded an earlier version simply:

  1. Enter your url into the original wayback machine
  2. Find the appropriate date that displays the site as you wish it to be
  3. Copy the full url into our form, eg: ;https://web.archive.org/web/123455927342/http://www.myoldsite.com/ instead of just: myoldsite.com

Editing your wayback site's content

Once you've restored a domain to your hosting account you will likely want to make some changes to the content or links on the site. To do so is simple:

  1. Visit the domain settings page on pbn.hosting
  2. Click the 'Files' tab on the top of the screen
  3. Find the file you wish to edit - in this case we'll change 'index.html' to add a link to the homepage
  4. Click the 'Edit' button and an HTML editor will open. Add your content or link to the page and save

Your archive site will automatically update with the edits you've made within a minute or two.

You're done! How easy was that? Much better than keeping a spreadsheet of hosting logins and passwords and doing it all manually!

If you're not impressed, you should take a look at how to add a blog to your wayback sites - that is where the magic happens.