Adding your first domain to PBN Hosting

It only takes a minute to get started with Pbn.Hosting. Here are the 3 quick steps you need to take to add a domain to our site. Be aware, this is the 'slow' route to adding your domain - it's also possible to add domains in bulk in just as little time.


1. Create a network to organise your sites

Not only does this help you keep your sites organised, our system allows you to upload articles and post to all sites in a network, or to select specific sites.

You can group your sites in any way that makes sense to you: topics such as 'Health', 'Finance' and 'Home',  by quality ie 'High TF, High Quality', 'Low Quality T2 Autoblogs' or even by source: 'Auction Domains', 'Scraped Domains' , 'Wayback Restores'.

A site can also belong to multiple networks: for example you may wish to add a site to both your broad 'Health' network and your more specific 'Weight Loss' category, or perhaps you would like to include  a site in both 'Generic sites' and 'High TF domains'?


2. Click 'Add Domain'

On the Create a Domain page there are many options if you want to control the look of your blogs. But we understand you have many blogs to build, so we've tried to make it as simple as possible. 

The only required option is to enter your domain name, without the 'www'. You can hit 'Save' here and your blog will be created, but we'd recommend adding a Site Title at minimum, and possibly a tagline too. If you wish you can use spintax in these fields and they will be randomised for you.

All the other options, from theme, to author name, to things like permalink structure will be chosen at random to maximise diversity and minimise footprints. Sensible defaults are chosen for other options - for example link crawlers are blocked by default.


3. Hit Save and we will configure your domain for you.

All that is left is for you to configure your nameservers and your blog is ready to start adding content.

Majestic metrics such as Trustflow and Linking Domains will be updated and the number of pages indexed in Google will be updated within 24 hours, and then updated once a week so you can keep an eye on your domain's health.

Note: At busy times Amazon take up to 10 minutes to add the new blog to their CDN, but we generally find that by the time your domain's DNS settings have updated your blog will be ready to go.


(Optionally) 4. Add your first article

Simply click 'Add article' on your domain's main page, enter a title and body - again, spintax will be spun for you here - and optionally add a category or tags. Click Save and your new article will be pushed to your domain in the cloud. 

Please be aware: all our websites are cached by a CDN. This means that while your updates go live instantly you may not see changes on your blog for up to two minutes after adding or editing a page.

That's all there is to launching your first site with us. Easy, wasn't it? But we can still do better. Read on to discover how to add tens or hundreds of domains in one simple step, or to upload, schedule and drip content  across your sites in a couple of clicks.